Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000 in India 2020

If you are one of those few users who like playing high-quality games on your laptop, then you would surely understand the need for having a quality laptop. You need some specific configuration and detailing to enjoy a superb game and thus needs a suitable

Without any denying, the struggle of finding a suitable gaming laptop is quite more than the normal laptop. To end this struggle, we have compiled down the list of some of the best gaming laptops under the budget of INR 40,000.


Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000 in 202o

These are 10 Best Gaming Laptops under 40000 in India 2020

ASUS Intel i3-7100U 7th Gen 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (X510UR-BQ226T)

ASUS Intel i3-7100U7th Gen 15.6-inch Best Gaming Laptop under 40000 (X510UR-BQ226T)

If you are a game lover, then you would understand the need of having a laptop that can give you non-stop performance and immersive visuals. ASUS gaming laptop is specially designed to offer you with all these benefits along with being a portable option. Overall, this laptop is a complete package to enhance the excitement of your game in the best possible manner.

This ASUS VivoBook is the perfect combination of beauty and performance combined to offer some brilliant services to its users. This laptop is a Windows 10 laptop which is powered with the latest Intel Core i3-7100U 7th gen processor.

Now, coming to the main requirements in a gaming laptop which are the speed and the offered graphics, this laptop would be a treat. This laptop uses its 8GB DDR4 RAM to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and that too without compromising on the speed. Talking about the quality of the graphics, then it is maintained by 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 930MX graphics card which delivers amazing graphics viewing.

Other than this, thanks to the ultra-thin 7.8mm bezel of the NanoEdge display, the users can get more screen for better immersive viewing experience. ASUS has also taken care of the fact to design this gaming laptop lightweight and portable. With just 1.7kg of weight, the users can easily carry this laptop as and where needed.

Talking about the screen size of this laptop, it comes in a 15.6-inch size which is quite decent for its users. Another great quality of this ASUS laptop is its fast charging; the users can charge nearly 60% of this laptop in just 50-minutes. Also, you can get 8-hours of uninterrupted performance from this gaming laptop with just a single charge.


  • Fast speed for handling simultaneous works
  • Amazing graphics viewing
  • 178-degree wide angles
  • More screen space
  • Lightweight and portable design


Acer Intel Core i3 7th Gen (A515-51G) 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop

Acer Intel Core i3 7th Gen (A515-51G) 15.6 inch Best Gaming Laptop under 40000 in India 2019

Acer is one of the known names in designing quality gaming laptops which can impress you right away with their performance and classy looks. If you are looking for a laptop that can give you quality gaming experience, then you cannot miss this Acer laptop.

To begin with, this Acer laptop is powered with i3-7130U 7th Gen Intel Core processor which delivers the needed speed to the laptop. Along with this, you can also rely on this Acer laptop to handle multiple tasks simultaneously; all thanks to its 4GB DDR4 RAM. This combined configuration of RAM and processor ensures the users that they will never face any issues with the excellent performance of the laptop.

Now, again the gamers need quite some space to keep all their gaming data preserved, don’t they? With the use of its 1TB of storage space, this Acer gaming laptop can offer its users with ample storage space for preserving their data. To strengthen its stand amongst the competitors, this laptop is given power from pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with lifetime validity.

Moving towards the looks and design of this laptop, it comes with the screen size of 15.6-inch. This laptop is quite popular to deliver striking images and stunning audio in a portable and attractive design. To keep it more convenient for the users, this Acer laptop is quite lightweight with 2.20kg weight.

Talking about the best feature that the users can get from this laptop is its graphics. One cannot imagine getting a gaming laptop with bad graphics; certainly, there would be no fun. To take care of this, this Acer gaming laptop is designed with NVIDIA GeForce 940 Max graphics card and it performs brilliantly with the graphics.


  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Dedicated graphics processor for enhanced quality
  • Ample storage space
  • Responsive processor
  • No delays in performance


Lenovo Ideapad 100 Core i5-5200U 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (80QQ01BBIH)

Lenovo Ideapad 100 Core i5-5200U 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (80QQ01BBIH), Best Gaming Laptop Under 40000 in India 2020

A perfect balance of value and performance, this Lenovo laptop is designed to deliver amazing and brilliant services to the users. To make the more attractive for the users, this laptop is designed with mobility in mind. You can be sure of getting quality value for your money with the use of this Lenovo gaming laptop.

A gaming laptop is of no use if it cannot deliver fast speed to the game lovers. Lenovo understands the needs and requirements of the users and thus offers the desired speed to this laptop with 4GB DDR3 RAM. This assures the users that they can get uninterrupted performance along with handling simultaneous tasks.

Jumping to the need of having ample storage space for the users, this laptop ensures the fact that the users will never have to face any problems there as well. It is designed to provide ample storage space of 1TB to its users which they can use to store as much data as they want. To complement the working further, this laptop comes with pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with its lifetime validity.

To offer balanced performance, the laptop gets all its power by its 2.2GHz Intel Core i5-5200U processor. One thing is for sure that you will never face any performance related issues with this laptop and thus can enjoy your games like a pro.

The other thing needs for an amazing gaming experience is a quality design and Lenovo wins in that aspect as well. It comes with a 15.6-inch screen size for offering immersive viewing experience. To top it all, it strikes amazing crisp graphics with its NVIDIA GeForce 920A 2GB graphics card.


  • Long lasting 4-hours of battery life
  • Lightweight design (2.3kg) for easy portability
  • Amazing crisp graphics
  • High-speed responsive processor


Lenovo Ideapad 330 Intel Core i3 7th Gen 15.6-Inch Full HD Gaming Laptop (81DE02W8IN)

Lenovo Ideapad 330 Intel Core i3 7th Gen 15.6 inch Full-HD Gaming Laptop (81DE02W8IN)

This is another great masterpiece from Lenovo which is designed to offer class gaming experience to its users along with convenience and excellent performance. This laptop is a handy laptop to be used for both professional uses as well as for personal use. At this price range, this is one of the best options that you can add to your collection of gadgets.

Combined with the benefits of Intel Core processor and discrete graphics options, this Lenovo gaming laptop is truly a joy to use. It gets all its required power, for its excellent performance, from the available 7th Gen Intel Core i3-7020U processor which operates at the speed of 2.3Ghz. Talking about the quality of graphics, then you can be sure of the delivered quality with the 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card.

Moving further, this laptop is also way too classy for handling multiple demands of the users. It uses its 4GB DDR RAM to effectively handle multiple tasks simultaneously. To match the expectations of the users, Lenovo offers the benefits of pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with lifetime validity to its users.

With its offered 1TB of storage space, Lenovo makes it a point that its users should never face any problems or hassles for storing the required data. The laptop can also offer uninterrupted battery services for 5-hours. It is also given the warranty time of 1-year against the possible defects and problems.

Now, almost all the gamers always have their eyes stuck at the screen, therefore, this Lenovo gaming laptop comes with 15.6-inch screen size to offer enough screen space to the users. Moreover, the screen is backed up with anti-glare technology so that the users don’t feel any stress on their eyes while using the laptop for long hours.


  • Anti-glare technology
  • Offers good storage space
  • Fast and responsive processor
  • Good at multi-tasking


Acer Aspire E15 6th Gen Intel Core i3 6006U Processor 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (NX.GDWSI.015)

Acer Aspire E15 6th Gen Intel Core i3 6006U Processor 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop (NX.GDWSI.015)

If you want a laptop with which you can enjoy premium looks and premium performance at a premium price, then this Acre laptop would be the best choice for you. Acer is known to develop and design laptops which come loaded with features and benefits for its users and the same can be expected from this Acer laptop. This is clearly one quality laptop which will never fail to disappoint you with your expectations of an amazing gaming laptop.

To handle all the expectations and tasks of the users, this laptop is powered with the benefits of Intel Core 6th Gen i3-6006U processor. This processor can operate at a speed of 2.0GHz which signifies its excellence to deliver uninterrupted services and benefits to the users. You can be sure that your gaming experience will surely be outstanding with this Acer laptop.

Coming to one of the strong needs of a gaming laptop which is to offer brilliant graphics quality to the users, this laptop is totally a class in that matter. It comes with NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB GPU which assure the users to deliver crisp graphics without any distortions. Apart from this, the laptop sorts its performance to the next level with the presence of the Linux operating system.

You can also be sure of getting excellent services by this laptop for handling all your multi-tasking needs. Thanks to its 4GB DDR4 RAM, this Lenovo laptop is really a charm in being marvelous at multi-tasking. To make sure that its users always have ample amount of space for their data storage, Lenovo offers 1TB of HDD which works using 5400RPM speed.


  • 8-hours lasting battery life
  • Lightweight design (2.23kg)
  • Based on Linux OS
  • Responsive and impressive processing speed


HP 15 7th Gen Core i3-7100U (da0435tx) 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop

HP 15 7th Gen Core i3-7100U (da0435tx) 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop

This HP laptop is designed with the best of features to make it a complete package for its game loving users. You would have all your expected features work smoothly with this laptop and its effectiveness. The amazing features, splendid performance, and affordable price range, all contribute to make this laptop as one of the most suitable options to buy.

One of the biggest advantages of this laptop is that it is packed with some great configurations along with a dedicated graphics processor. It is assisted with Intel Core i3-7100U 7th Gen processor which works at a speed of 2.4GHz. Along with this, all the graphical tasks and operations of this laptop are handled by the 2GB graphics processor from NVIDIA GeForce MX110.

Thanks to the presence of 8GB DDR4 RAM, working and handling multiple apps really becomes easy with this laptop. Apart from this, the HP gaming laptop ensures to offer an ample amount of storage space to the users with its 1TB of storage space. It also comes with pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with lifetime validity.

Talking about its design, the users can get this HP laptop with 15.6-inch screen size along with crisp resolution value of 1920 X 1080 pixels. To further enhance your viewing as well as a gaming experience, this laptop offers SVA anti-glare WLED backlit display. This configuration is pretty amazing to mesmerize its users with its gaming experience.

To ensure continuous working without any interruptions, this HP laptop is designed to offer 7-hours of battery life. The laptop further gains all its power from its 3 cell Li-ion battery. To complete its benefits, it is designed to be lightweight (2.04kg).


  • Dedicated graphics processor
  • Good and strong configuration
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Ample storage space
  • Instant responsive processor


HP 15 Core i3-7020U 7th Gen 15.6-Inch Laptop (da0447TX)

HP 15 Core i3-7020U 7th Gen 15.6-inch Laptop (da0447TX)

This HP laptop is specially designed for those users who are into gentle gaming or work closely with graphic designing. The users can expect some decent yet dedicated performance from this gaming laptop as it comes loaded with many amazing features and benefits.

To begin with, this HP laptop offers a full HD display to its users along with 15.6-inch screen to ensure that the users enjoy the best viewing and gaming experience. Along with this, the laptop delivers the benefits of SVA anti-glare WLED backlit technology. This assures the users that they won’t feel any stress even if they work for long hours on the laptop.

To further enhance the gaming experience for its users, this laptop uses and relies on the NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphic processor. This dedicated graphics processor handles all the graphics and gaming needs just as expected by the users. It also comes with pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with lifetime validity.

Thanks to the Intel Core i3-7020U 7th Gen processor, this HP gaming laptop delivers quite a decent performance for its users. With this processor, the laptop also clocks with a speed of 2.3GHz to ensure satisfactory performance even during the crunch times.

Handling all the multi-tasking needs is not a hassle for this laptop as it comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM. There is also a 1TB storage capacity available for the users for safely and securely storing all the important data.

Last but not least, this HP gaming laptop gets all its required fuel from the 3 cell Li-ion battery. The users can get 7-hours of battery life from this laptop without any disturbances and hassles. Apart from this, HP made sure to design this as a lightweight machine and therefore, this gaming laptop just weighs 2.04kg.


  • Full HD display
  • Anti-glare technology
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Dedicated graphics processor
  • Suitable for gentle gaming needs


ASUS X507 Core i3 6th Gen Gaming Laptop (X507UB-EJ186T)

ASUS X507 Core i3- 6th Gen Gaming Laptop (X507UB- EJ186T)

If you are looking for a laptop which is both amazing with its gaming configuration and is also lightweight, then there can be no other laptop which comes close to this ASUS laptop. An excellent configuration, powerful RAM and dedicated gaming processor are something which makes this laptop as one of the preferred choices.

For being a decent choice of the users for their gaming needs, this ASUS laptop comes with a screen size of 15.6-inch. Other than this, the users can get an anti-glare display with this laptop which reduces and manages the stress on the user’s eyes.

To allow this laptop to run for long hours, it is designed with 3 cell Li-ion battery. Along with this, the users can rely on its multiple connectivity options for their ease and convenience. The laptop also consists of pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with its lifetime validity.

This gaming laptop is powered with Intel Core i3-6006U 6th Gen processor which operates at a speed of 2.0GHz. This strong and reliable processor is accompanied by 8GB DDR4 RAM which enables this device to handle all the multi-tasking needs. Besides this, for handling all the graphics needs, this ASUS gaming laptop is given the support by a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphic processor.

Got a lot of important data and files for storage? Don’t worry, you will get an ample amount of storage with this ASUS laptop in the form of 1TB storage space. Lastly, the laptop is also given 1-year warranty time against the possible defects and problems.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Anti-glare display for gaming excellence
  • Massive storage space
  • Lightweight and portable design


Dell Inspiron 15 3558 Core i3-5015U 15.6-Inch Laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 3558 Core i3-5015U 15.6-inch Laptop

Dell has been one of the favorite laptop brands for many users right from its inception as this brand exactly knows what to serve to its customers. Talking about this particular Dell laptop, it comes with such amazing features that it can effectively handle all the gaming needs and multitasking needs without any difficulties and hassles. There is no denying that the users will find this Dell laptop pretty brilliant at this price range.

This Dell laptop comes with 15.6-inch screen size accompanied with TrueLife display for offering a quality display for game lovers. Along with this, the users can rely on the 2GB NVIDIA GeForce 920M graphic processor for handling all the varying graphics needs. Overall, this laptop is truly a masterpiece for the game lovers.

This laptop is given the needed power and excellence from its Intel Core i3-5015U processor which works at the speed of 2.1GHz. Accompanying this, comes the 4GB DDR4 RAM which takes care of all the multi-tasking needs and requirements. In order to store the important data, the users are given 1TB of storage space with this gaming laptop.

This Dell Inspiron laptop consists of pre-loaded Windows 10 OS with lifetime validity. To ensure its users with the maximum convenience, this laptop has been designed lightweight and it comes with 2.19kg of weights. The users can also get 1-year of warranty with this laptop against the possible defects and problems.

To conclude, the users can use this Dell gaming laptop continuously for 8.5-hours without any hassles. It also gets the required energy from the 4-cell Li-ion battery.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Awesome graphics display
  • Massive storage space
  • Multiple connectivity options


HP 15 Core i3 15.6-Inch Full HD Laptop (15-da0073tx)

HP 15 Core i3 15.6-inch Full HD Laptop (15- da0073tx)

HP is known to design and develop such laptops which can instantly impress any user. The brand combines the benefits of reliability along with many performing features which makes these laptops as one of the preferred choices of the users. Just like the many laptops, even this particular HP laptop is also way too classy for the users.

For ensuring smooth functioning, this HP laptop comes with the best combination of strong configuration and dedicated graphics processor. It is powered with the presence of Intel Core i3-7020U 7th Gen processor which works at a speed of 2.3GHz. To take care of the graphics needs, the users also get a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX110 graphic processor.

The laptop is designed to be lightweight with 2.04kg of weight and elegant looks. It gets its power for performance from 3-cell Li-ion battery which can help the laptop to run continuously for long hours. To offer pretty decent viewing screen space to the users, it comes with the screen size of 15.6-inch with SVA anti-glare technology.

Along with the gaming needs, this HP laptop can also handle other multi-tasking needs pretty awesome and all thanks go to the available 4GB DDR4 RAM. Also, to allow its users to store all their important data and information, this laptop is given the benefits from 1TB of storage space. The laptop is given the warranty time of 1-year against the possible defects and problems that the users might face.

Lastly, this gaming laptop is a DOS-based laptop which is pretty amazing and marvelous in delivering all the needed requirements to its users in the best possible manner.


  • Good and strong configuration
  • Dedicated graphics processor
  • Ample storage space
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • Smooth handling of multitasking needs


Conclusion for Best Gaming Laptop Under Rs 40,000:

Though all the mentioned laptops are great, but out of all the mentioned names, we would like to recommend the use of ASUS Intel i3-7100U 7th Gen 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (X510UR-BQ226T).

This laptop is nothing less than a complete package for all types of users and thus it becomes the preferred choice of many. It is a lightweight laptop which is designed in such a way to handle all sort of gaming needs of its users. Thanks to its wide angles and widescreen, playing game on this laptop can really be a treat.

If you need any other help related to the selection of a suitable gaming laptop, then please do comment below. We will provide you with the best and suitable information and details.

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